Mobile applications

Mobile applications are becoming part of our everyday life. Understanding and taking advantage of it, organizations, startups are turning towards mobile application development. 

This statement can be validated through 5 million applications, both in Android and iOS platforms. Due to this, all mobile app development company often pay attention to make their application stand out in the market.

But among 5 million applications, a few among them are the showstopper whereas many have failed miserably. The reason can be many like app ideology, app designing, technological advancements, programming languages, but the main reasons often stuck with “trends”.

Trends are the obvious trait that creates an essence for the ultimate success of the app. There are ample ideas and solutions users want but many a time choosing the right idea among many is a challenging task. 

Hence, here in this article, we will be highlighting trending app ideas that can take the business to achieve great heights. 

5 top trending app ideas for business models

  • Augmented Reality

The augmented reality today is the topmost technology trend gaining momentum in the market. The technology can also be integrated into mobile app development projects in the form of text, sounds, and images. 

Apps like IKEA Place, Pokemon Go, Housecraft & Euclidean Lands are the example that showcases the use of Augmented Reality. It has been shown by Global Industry Analysts that by 2020, there will be an average growth of over USD 3.9 billion in terms of mobile augmented reality apps. 

Not just in the mobile app industry domain, Augmented reality has taken its fair share in other industries like automobile, interior designing, restaurant business, and tourism too.

  • Chatbots

The robotic conversation is in trend for instant answering and solutions. The friendlier and advanced conversation in this process is a chatbot. 

Another trending app idea that can be used for the mobile app development process is a chatbot. A chatbot can enable users to offer better results, a way better friendlier conversation while handling interactions from different customers at the same time.

Apart from that bots are capable of rendering other details like product information, cost, specifications along showcasing recommendations too.

Understanding how important bots are to an application, it is projected that chatbots can increase effective interaction with users to 95%.  

  • Internet of Things

Not so old sensation in the mobile app development world, IoT has taken its fair share of popularity and widespread acceptance in the market. This can be validated through IoT market trends

IoT enables devices to get connected to the mobile application and work as per the commands. Driverless cars, wearables, smart homes & smart hotel rooms, Amazon GO, etc are a few examples of IoT based examples. 

Apart from that, other IoT solutions like wireless sensor systems, security solutions, water-quality monitoring, automatic smart parking, healthcare monitoring systems, smart rooms, multiroom music players are also in trend. 

IoT solutions can also be integrated into other industrial domains too for rendering great services. 

  • Healthcare 

Developing healthcare mobile applications is the next trending app idea for business models. By developing mobile applications for the healthcare domain will result in “quick appointments”, “doctor availability” “patients healthcare record” etc. 

Healthcare domain has taken the leverage of mobile applications to reach a maximum number of patients for healthcare facilities while making their access and reach to the hospital easily. 

If you are planning to get started with the same, healthcare mobile applications no doubt is a great opportunity. 

  • On-demand 

Before we get into this point, apps like Uber, Zomato, Salon applications, and other such apps are in huge demand due to convenience. These apps without letting the user do a lot of hard work render service that too at their doorstep.

The applications lie under the category of on-demand applications. On-demand applications are in demand because of being fast, quick and convenient to the user. The idea of on-demand applications today has taken over the world by storm and this is the reason why many startups, organizations invested in this area. 

When these are just the 5 app idea trends, there are more in line like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Blockchain. These technological trends are also in demand due to being powerful enough for rendering great experience to the user and businesses too. 

Hence, if you are planning to get started with your mobile application, make sure you have considered these trending app ideas too. Their understanding will help in refining the pre-existing idea. Also, on the other hand, competitors who have gotten a strong command of the economy can also be seen as an example of what is trending in their mobile application. 

Keeping all these things together in mind will help in lifting the brand to a higher position.