Facebook Fans

In the social media world, Facebook still stands as the largest when it comes to daily users and traffic. 

Most businesses have now left the conventional business space, shifting to Facebook to get their ads to a greater audience. After all, stats show that half of the earth’s population has used Facebook in one form or the other. 

Apart from being a prime destination for business activities, Facebook continues to be a source of easy popularity for public figures, brands, and so much more. This is also why so many brands and businesses are using the platform to get more likes and customers.

In light of this, many wish to know how to get their fan base boosted on Facebook. This read will give you all the info there is to know!

Compelling Content is a Must

No matter the strategy you wish to adopt when your content is out of line, there’s no way your page can achieve much. 

You don’t have to be all about sales to get people to follow your page. What your target followers enjoy should be your focal point. 

Your words used should be as concise as possible when posting messages. This should be done because you’re intent on serving up info to a wide range of fans. 

When these fans can’t understand what you’re trying to say, you may lose the fans faster than you got them in the first place!

Focus on what will engage your fans, and don’t forget the relevance of audiovisual content. When your customers get to see an interesting text or video from your page, chances are they could share this info on their own page. 

With time, your existing fans could become unwitting referrals for hundreds, if not thousands of new followers!

So you’ve seen the potency of getting concise and engaging content on your page.

Also, note that I said you don’t have to be sales-oriented to get fans to follow your page. Many seemingly formal companies today have been known to relax their suit-and-tie strategy when it comes to getting fans. 

This approach could get your content even more shares and fans to complement your efforts. 

Use the “Invite” feature

When you’ve got a Facebook page running with a lot of contacts to boot, inviting your friends to like your page should be effortless. 

When you’re hooked on Facebook Ads, Facebook will send you messages informing you that you can invite friends to like your page. When your page likes to increase, the number of followers will also follow suit. 

Ensure you start small to make it more comfortable to manage your progress in the long run.

Facebook Live works like Magic!

Facebook Live is a recent feature with loads of benefits when you’re targeting more fans. 

On Facebook Live, your existing fans still have a role to play in getting you more fans. When your content is engaging and easy to comprehend, then your fans find it easier to get content shared with their friends. 

This also increases the likelihood of your page receiving more fans without hassles.

Apart from this basic means of increasing likes, Facebook Live offers more! This second way works better when you’ve got a sizable amount of followers hooked to your live feed. It’s also become one of the best ways for influencers to make money by connecting with a live audience and then pitching a product or service to them in the process. Live engagement works extremely well and when you add soft selling in the mix, it’s even more profitable.

When you have many followers watching your live videos at the time you stream live, you’ll get better rankings on live feeds. When your live feed increases, more people will get access to your content and increase your fan base without much trouble.

Get an Influencer to Work for You

There are two ways to get an influencer to amass more followers to your page. When you’ve got an intent to boost followership to your page, note that there are likely others more popular than you at the moment in your niche. 

These pages aren’t actually in any form of competition with you, but they’re focused on getting specific and generic brands of your niche to their teeming audience. How do you get your page boosted through this page, by hooking up of course! 

Use the search feature on Facebook and check out pages that aren’t in competition with you in your niche that has a large fan base. 

When you’re done negotiating with the popular page of your choice, get them to tag you when they post any item or service you’ve got on sale. 

If you don’t fancy such pages and want a blogger to help your popularity campaign, all you need to do is search out the influencer that suits your needs, and they’ll help you get more fans in a short while!

Use Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads make it so easy to get across to your target audience without much hassle. You can get your services to a much-wider audience with the broad effect of Facebook Ads.

All you’d need to do is get registered on Facebook Ads and focus on engagement ads. These ads will draw more traffic to your page, and there’ll be a marked increase in the number of fans following your page in no time at all!

Get Tags from Well-Known Facebook Pages 

You could be looking for more fans on Facebook because you’re just starting out or you’re a little-known business. No matter what the reason is, you could get more fans faster than you think when a bigger Facebook page posts your photo. 

If you’re into a business that doesn’t really conflict or compete with the interests of the bigger company, then this will work faster than you think. 

You could get the image of the bigger company’s products on your page alongside yours. For example, you’re in the bracelet business, and the bigger company is a watchmaker. 

Advertising both your products as a perfect fit could force the bigger firm to like, comment, or even repost your photo. With this referral from the bigger site, more and more people will flock to your fan base in no time. 

Use Like Pop-Ups and Widgets 

This is an out-of-Facebook technique to get more fans on your page. It’s easier for visitors on your website to become Facebook fans. The best way to do this is by adding a like pop-up or widget on your site. And this method works even better if you are running an ecommerce site.

When potential followers are done looking through your page, they’ll get to see a pop-up feature requesting they get hooked to your Facebook page. 

With this feature, you’ll easily convert your site’s visitors to your Facebook fans with all the effort absent!

Final Word

You’ve seen that it’s rather effortless to get more fans on your page. With the info in this read, it’s a sure thing that you’ll get more fans to follow you without any issues! And to note further, it could be quicker than in 3 weeks!