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It goes without saying that Macs are the best personal computer option available! They offer a convenience that other computers don’t. Whatever you use your Mac for, you’ll appreciate the efficiency that they bring. This efficiency is what has helped Mac computers renowned for their productivity.

But even seasoned Mac users don’t make the most out of their Macs! There are many Mac shortcuts that help you complete your tasks faster. 

If you spend a lot of time working on your Mac, you want to take advantage of these Mac shortcuts and Mac keyboard shortcuts. You’ll be able to complete your work faster and get a lot more done!

Here’s what you should know:

1. Spotlight

The quickest way to access the Spotlight is to press Command + Space. Spotlight is the best way to access your files or applications. It’s a much better way than opening up the finder and manually navigating through your data.

You want to also figure out the Mac show hidden files feature. Once you toggle this on, you can see hidden files when you use Spotlight.

2. Emoji Folders

Sometimes, an emoji can say what words cannot! If you want to find a better way to organize your folders on your desktop, you can turn them into emojis.

On your desktop, save an image that you wish to use for a folder. Open the image in Preview and click on the Markup Icon (the magic wand). Afterward, click on the background of the image. Then, go to Edit and click Cut (or, Command + X)

Click on the Markup Icon again and then draw a box around the image. Select All (Command + A) and then press Command + C.

Go to your Desktop Folder, right-click, and choose ‘Get Info.’ Click on the Blue Folder icon and then paste the image with Command + V.

Your emoji will now replace the blue folder icon!

3. Reset Password

What happens if you forget your password and can’t log in to your Mac? Luckily, you can reset your password from the boot screen.

As your Mac boots, press and hold Command + R. This will open up the progress bar. From the progress bar, you can open up the Utilities menu and then select Terminal.

When you open up Terminal, type resetpassword. Hit Enter and you’ll see a dialog box where you can reset your password.

4. Calculations and Conversions

You don’t have to always depend on the Calculator to calculate! You also don’t always have to depend on a Google Search to find out how many pounds are in a kilo!

Press Command + Space to open Spotlight. When the search bar opens, you can type a mathematical equation. The answer will automatically show up in the search bar!

You can also get conversions after you enter any unit of measurement. For example, type in 1 Kilo and you’ll get a list of conversions. This will include how many pounds make 1 Kilo, how many ounces make 1 Kilo, etc. Type in $5 and you’ll see the currency conversion of $5 in other popular currencies such as the Euro and British Pound.

5. Type With Emojis

On any application, you can press Control + Command + Space. This will open up a dialog box with a display of emojis. Click on the emojis you want and they’ll get typed into the text space.

This works with online document creators such as Google Docs and Dropbox Paper. You can also use this service with Microsoft Word and TextEdit.

6. Split View

One of the biggest advantages of MacOs Catalina and later operating systems is that you can see two applications side-by-side. Split View makes it easier to toggle between applications while working on them at the same time. It also saves you the hassle of having to resize your windows.

Hover your mouse over the green circle until you see a popup window. Choose Tile Window along with the option of where you wish to position the screen (left or right).

This will narrow your application screen and place it on the side of the screen you choose. You can do this with one other application and place it on the opposite side. To get out of Split View, press the Esc key.

7. Rename Files All At Once

Do you dread having to spend several minutes renaming hundreds of files? This is one of the best ways that Macs show how efficient they can be!

Go to the Finder and click on one file that you wish to rename. Then, hold down the Shift key. Click on each of the files that you wish to rename while holding down the Shift key. You’ll see these files getting highlighted.

Once you’ve chosen the files, right-click to open the drop-down menu. You’ll see an option that states Rename ‘# of’ Files.

Click on this option and the information boxes for these files will all open at once. This makes it much easier to rename them at a much faster pace.

8. Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

If you can’t get enough of preset Mac keyboard shortcuts, you can make your own!

Go to System Preferences. Then, choose the Keyboard option and then click on Shortcuts. The options here are endless. You can choose ‘App Shortcuts’ to create a keyboard shortcut to open your favorite apps.

You can add more shortcuts to existing services such as Spotlight. You can make even more Mac screenshot shortcuts if you aren’t satisfied with what’s there so far (Command + 4, by the way!) 

Many Mac users don’t spend the time to create custom keyboard shortcuts. However, if you depend on your Mac for work purposes these will help you expedite your processes. You’ll get a lot more work done and not waste time in navigating through your Mac.

Try These Mac Shortcuts

Now that you know these great Mac shortcuts, you can make the most out of your Mac. Once you give these a try, you won’t be able to imagine working on your Mac without these shortcuts.

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